Library Program

The Missouri State Genealogical Association welcomes
the submission of books from authors, publishers and patrons
for its genealogy circulating collection. 
  • We seek recently published books on family histories, genealogies, local histories, and other books relevant to genealogists.
  • Every book will be reviewed in the MoSGA journal, and a copy of the review will be sent to the author.
  • A bookplate naming the donor will be inserted in the book. 
  • The book will be placed in the circulating collection at the MIDWEST GENEALOGY CENTER  of the Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence, Missouri.
  • The collection is available for use at the library, and for interlibrary loan, reaching genealogy patrons across the United States.
Instructions to Authors and Publishers:
  • Please include with each donated book the following information: title, author(s), editor(s)/compiler(s), place of publication, publisher/self-published, year of publications, contact/ordering information, including price and shipping.
  • Donations should be mailed to MoSGA Library Director, P.O. Box 833, Columbia, MO 65205-0833
Other donations:
  • Should be mailed to MoSGA Book Donation Program, P.O. Box 833, Columbia, MO 65205-0833.
For more information contact MoSGA Library Director: